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Slash - Slash, Anthony Bozza I'm still a big fan of GnR so i could't resist and had to read this book. A fun read, it's full of crazy, amazing info about parties, excesses and other 'adventures'. All together I liked it, although, there were some places I skipped as I wasn't interested in knowing some details from man's lives. Not excellent but quite good read.

True Crime: The Novel

True Crime: The Novel - Andrew Klavan It's an excellent page turner. Great dialogues, characters and plot. Interesting view of a person who is innocent but is about to be executed. The story takes place during the last day before the execution. The whole story is centered about a journalist (quite cynical) who gets to know that the man is innocent. I couldn't put the book down. I had to struggle with myself to not to skip few pages just to know what will be next. This book is truly definition of how to write an excellent suspense thriller. I highly recommend it.

Wayne's Dead

Wayne's Dead - Christy Tillery French Suspense crime story, one of the kind. Interesting characters and complex plot. A detective, a murderer and his psychologist, a beautiful woman who is in love with the detective. Who's gonna win the struggle? The story moves really quickly, I couldn't put it down. I read this book in one day. I highly recommend it. Great read. Definitely my booklike!!

Here Comes a Candle

Here Comes a Candle - Anonymous. (editor) (Richard Matheson; Ray Bradbury; Avram Davidson; William Tenn; Thomas M. Disch; Fredric Brown; John Atherton; William Sambrot; Frederik Pohl; J. G. Ballard; Arthur C. Clarke) Psycho thriller, a real terror. Maybe not so mystical as I though it would be but still a book with tension. Quite high voltage.

Jack the Ripper: The American Connection

Jack the Ripper: The American Connection - Shirley Harrison Anyone who is interested in serial killers cannot omit this book. It presents any place and any person connected to the case, An interesting insight into old and new theories concerning the killer of one of the kind. The biggest murder scene in the world in described in this very book. And it's good written by authorities and people who really know what they are saying.